Harness the power of the cloud with Data ONTAP at the NetApp Directions Roadshow!

The cloud is full of choices, opportunities and challenges. How do you take advantage of all the public, private and hybrid cloud resources without losing control of your data? How do you protect and manage your data effectively? How can you maintain high performance? There are many different paths you can take…but which one leads to success?

The NetApp Directions Roadshow is your compass; a complete guide to the power of Data ONTAP – the only storage system built for the cloud. On your journey through Data ONTAP’s endless possibilities, across any cloud, we can give you the inside knowledge you need to reach your destination safe and sound.

Come to the NetApp Directions Roadshow and let Data ONTAP help you solve the cloud data management challenge right now!


Photo of Dave  Allen

Dave Allen

Vice President and General Manager, Northern Europe, NetApp

Photo of Paul  Hargreaves

Paul Hargreaves

Senior Manager, Systems Engineering EMEA, NetApp

Photo of Laurence  James

Laurence James

NetApp NEMEA, Products, Alliances and Solutions Marketing Manager,

Photo of Stuart  Moulton

Stuart Moulton

Regional Sales Manager, Data Centre & Virtualisation, UK & Ireland, Cisco

Photo of John  Rollason

John Rollason

Director, Products, Solutions & Alliances, NetApp

Photo of Tim  Waldron

Tim Waldron

Cloud Solutions Marketing Manager, NetApp

Photo of Sir Clive  Woodward

Sir Clive Woodward


London, UK


Team-NetApp Endura

The NetApp Bike Simulators are back in London. 3,800 IT professional have ridden the NetApp Bikes at conferences and trade shows so far. Take part in our competition: Sprint 400 meters as fast as you can, set the fastest time of the show and win a jersey of our professional cycling Team NetApp - Endura.
Can you set a new record? Show your speed and your agility. The racing bikes are connected to a virtual training device, simulating your ride on a real racecourse – the famous Belgian classic Tour of Flanders.
Meet a member of our professional squad: Scott Thwaites, 23 years old, lives in Leeds where the Tour de France will start next year. Scott scored several Top10 ranks this year, among them the 7th rank in the British national championships. Scott is one of Britain’s upcoming sprint talents riding for NetApp-Endura.

Ask Scott about tips and tricks for your bike training, cycling equipment and most of all how to compete well in our bike challenge.

See you on the bike!


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